The Epic Tale of Zintar; a Love Story

The End of a Legend
Kronse Awakens

Log entry: 5216
Entry location: My personal suite within The Tipsy Crow, Thule


Today… is a day to be mourned. Ambrose, the Steward of Thule who had been our ally for so long lay slain at my feet, his soul having been striped from his corpse and imprisoned gods know where. A curse on that Adrian, he had been like a brother to us all but the curse of Lycanthropy proved too much for him and a once powerful monk, so very much in control of his emotions and persona lost himself to his primal fury. If only the change had striped him of his intelligence as well as his self control we would not be in the situation we are in today.

It all began when courier came rapping at our door at some ungodly hour with a letter we had assumed to be from Ambrose telling us to meet him immediately at the gates of Thule. Suspecting a trap we took up arms for the first time in thirteen years and teleported there as soon as we could get our wits about us.

To our surprise there sat Adrian atop the Gatehouse to the city, in a raspy voice I will remember to this day he told us that a dear friend of ours would soon be dead. Assuming the worst we teleported to Ambrose’s study where we then found ourselves face to face with Andrian’s second in command, the beast Vile. The werewolf that almost killed me some thirteen years ago when we tried to reclaim my keep. Luckily I proved too fast for him and was able to feint to the left and get him in the right ribs. He never saw it coming but with a roar he swung on Zintar with all his might. It was a blow that would have rended a lesser man in two, by the hells it would have destroyed me flat out. Thinking fast I grabbed Zintar and we bolted out the window onto the rooftops below. We had to make Ambrose’s personal quarters and we had to do so fast.


The city was under siege. Turns out Adrian had been busy these past few years. His Werewolf army, of which we had assumed was all but eradicated, seemed to be out in force. We could see them running through the streets and across the rooftops. We couldn’t stop them, not now. We had to find Ambrose. Even if we had the time there would be no way to tell them apart from the civilians running in a panic. In their human form only their smell would give them away and with the smoke clogging my nostrils and the many smells of the townsfolk running around it would take me far too long. It is a problem we will have to leave to the city guard.

We didnt make it halfway to Ambrose’s villa when we were attacked by a would-be assassin. The coward hit me in the neck with a crossbow bolt and the damn thing nearly knocked me off my feet. Thinking quickly I grabbed Zintar by the arm and Dimension Doored myself onto the villain and You could just imagine his shock in thinking that he was assailing us from the relative safety of a rooftop some 300 feet away. He must have looked on with glee as the bolt cleared his crossbow and sailed with deadly intent towards its would be prey. Smiled as it connected with my neck. Startled when I turned a split second later to look him in the eye. Panicked as I disappeared from sight before finally wincing in pain when he felt my blades in his side. The coward leaped from the building before we had a chance to restrain him and did something I’ve only ever read about in books. The man threw a smoke flare down towards the cobblestone street some hundred feet below and walked on the very smoke that sprouted forth. Unluckily for him the smoke was not quite so solid when Zintar’s arrow passed through.

Zintar told me to check the body for any clues and to catch up with him on his way to Ambrose’s villa. I agreed, I would easily catch up with him by the time he made it there. I took out my rope and made quick work repelling down the side of the building. No sooner had I done so Vile steeped out of the shadow with two of his lackeys. The two werewolves he had with him didn’t seem overly capable but I could smell the magic on one of them, surely a mage. If I didn’t think quickly I would soon find myself anchored and wouldn’t be teleporting anywhere, my means of escape cut off. I was sincerely worried before I noticed that they made one very fatal mistake, the fools left themselves out in the open with nothing above them to grab hold of. I have learned a few new tricks over these last few years and I grinned as they walked out to meet me in the middle of the cobblestone street. They had me surrounded but if I played my cards right and if luck was on my side I would have my revenge for what Vile did to my home. We spoke briefly before I detracted him momentarily and stopped time itself to give myself a few precious seconds to deliberate. I quickly considered taking the time to flee but they would surely give chase. I could attempt to teleport away but I had no idea wither or not they had a Dimension Anchor cast on me. I had to go for it, and deal with the consequences.

I didn’t have long. I quickly cast Mislead hoping that the spell would buy me just a few more seconds if this didn’t work out as I had planned. I left my illusionary double in place and quickly walked behind Vile, hoping that none of them had the ability to see me while I was invisible. Safely out of the way I reversed the gravitational pull below Vile’s henchmen and with any luck the fool mage did not prepare a fly spell or way to counter it. They would fall upwards through the air and far from my concerns leaving only me… and Vile. Not taking any chances I unleashed a flurry onto him the likes of which would make even Olidammara proud. That bastard stole my keep out from under me. Desecrated its halls with their fiendish gate to the Hells. Nearly slayed me as I tried to take it back and undo the damage. Set fire to the city and tried to destroy everything I hold dear in this world. By the time my first blade connected and time began its slow grind onward yet again it was already too late. He tried dodging the blows coming from my illusionary double only to find himself on my knife-point and looked back in wonder towards the empty street behind him. I wish I could say I found joy in the moment.

I had stayed far too long. If Vile set a trap for me here Adrian must be waiting for Zintar. I had to run, catch up with them before it was too late… but not before grabbing the bulging coin purse Vile had hung from his belt!


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